Palimpsest Encryption

Palimpsest Encryption is a one-to-one encrypted network communications tool. It is currently in beta testing. Palimpsest was developed in the Java programming language, for ease of use on any available platform. The goal of this project is to create a perfectly secure method to communicate over insecure channels (such as the open Internet).
Current goals/specifications include:

After many, many hours of coding, Palimpsest is finally being released in open beta. We currently do not have a GUI, but if you're a good Java GUI programmer, please don't hesitate to email me (palimpse *(at)* to let me know- it wouldn't be too hard of a graphics project, but it would be a huge help!

We are currently having issues with the SVN (Subversion) Repository, which means our code is not hosted at! While we figure out this problem, we're hosting all of our code over at Google- check out our releases at, and our nightly builds at I hope you enjoy Palimpsest!

For those new to cryptography, a mathematical representation of our one-time pad algorithm can be seen here:

Given Plaintext P
Given Key K
Length of P = Length of K

Cn(Pn, Kn) = (Pn XOR Kn)

Message Sent:

+ K(n + 1) XOR Kn